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Get a Texting Ticket? Text it to TRAFFIC STOP®

At TRAFFIC STOP ® we understand that getting a traffic ticket is stressful. We also realize you want it handled by an expert right away!

For a fast free quote please take a clear picture with your cell phone of the front of your traffic ticket(s) or summons(es) and simply text to 519-241-1223. Add some details in your message as to how this ticket came to be. Our first priority is customer service! We will usually reply within minutes (24/7) to set your mind at ease. Many clients send us their tickets before the officer has even left the scene.


  1. Only send us a text message if your car is parked, and you’re not on the highway. Don’t text and drive or you’ll get another one.
  2. Make sure your picture captures the entire ticket or summons and is clearly visible.
  3. We look forward to impressing you with our expert service as we have been doing for 30 years!

*Standard carrier rates will apply as to the data plan you have.

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