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TRAFFIC STOP Paralegal Professional Corporation® has been selected again, for the 8th year in a row! as the 2024 Consumer Choice Award Winner in the category of Best Paralegal, and Best Traffic Ticket Defence in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region!


Since 1987, Consumer Choice Award's (CCA's) mission has been to recognize and promote local businesses to help consumers make better choices.


Today, our brand is recognized as the symbol of business excellence in all of the major cities across Canada. Coast-to-coast, thousands of companies like yours proudly celebrate being chosen for this honour.


Through an independent market research survey, the consumers and businesses in your community have selected your company as the top-ranked organization in your industry.

You are now part of a very select group of companies recognized for their business excellence.


In each market there is only one winner per category. Those winners are selected using four key measures:


1.) QUALITY of the products or services provided.

2.) VALUE of the products or services provided.

3.) APPEARANCE of the business.

4.) OVERALL SERVICE provided.


Using this criteria, consumers have chosen your company as the city's best.


Each year, Consumer Choice Award hosts an informative lunch where you can meet other winners and learn more about who we are and how you won. The presentation provides details on the many ways CCA can help you promote your business.


This is an unique opportunity only available to award-winners, so please join us for the lunch and find out how your company can benefit from being a winner.



You were selected as the top-service provider in your respective industry via our unique selection process. We are the only organization in North America to recognize business excellence by conducting market research that is statistically accurate. Each year, across Canada, we gather opinions, perceptions and expectations through the response of thousands of consumers and businesses.


Our selection process was developed with the sole purpose of providing consumers with the most sophisticated, customer-driven company-ranking results available today. To achieve the highest quality results, we rely on a robust methodology and over 28 years of experience of gathering consumer and company data from a multitude of categories across Canada.


Find below an overview of our Four-Step Selection Process that has been designed to provide consumers with results they can trust.


1. Category Selection - Categories are chosen through a combination of consumer and business input combined with hard data gleaned from databases such as Dunn & Bradstreet and Statistics Canada.


2. Gathering & Researching Companies - Our methodology combines the opinions of thousands of consumers and businesses' over a certain time through scientific survey methods from world-renowned market survey companies such as Gallop, Leger and Survey Sampling International (SSl).


3. Refining Our Company List - We utilize proprietary algorithms to scan and compile online information

to eliminate unworthy candidates and ensure the remaining candidates have a history of positive customer reviews and customer satisfaction.


4. Finding Top-Ranked Companies - We integrate a new Market Research Survey by SSI and CCA Market Pulse Surveys, which allows us to confidently finalize the ranking of each of the nominated businesses and conclude the winner of each category and all markets.


By combining these Four Steps into a single selection process, we employ a comprehensive process to ensure we select companies worthy of our Seal of Excellence - worthy to be declared the Top-Ranked company in their respective industry and location.



Jack McFadden

Chief Operating Officer (COO)


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