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Found Guilty and Want to Appeal the Conviction?

Did you make a mistake and not hire TRAFFIC STOP® for your trial? Have you been found guilty, and now want to appeal it?


This is a complex legal move that Greg is very skilled at performing. He’s in Appeal court once a month and knows the system inside and out. You can’t appeal just because you were found guilty, if that were the case the system would be overloaded. There has to be an error in law to launch an appeal.


Greg will order your transcripts and read the facts of your case. After a review of the facts he will advise you if there are any appealable issues. There are many other areas of appeals such as a defendant who just paid a fine after been given poor legal advice, or simply missing your court date in error and being found guilty.

Every appeal is unique in its own way, so it’s best to contact us to discuss options.


Just about every Appeal we launch we get the conviction reduced to a much better result, or have the conviction overturned completely.


Fill out our free consultation form and tell us what happened in your case.

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