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TRAFFIC STOP Paralegal Professional Corporation® was founded by Greg Eschweiler, an Ex Cambridge O.P.P. Traffic Cop in 1999. He's assisted by Tina Rae, who's been the Manager for 18 years. Our Firm is 25 years strong, and ready to assist you with any Traffic Ticket or Summary Criminal Charge you get. April 19, 2021 we're thrilled to announce Karin Eschweiler joining our firm as the Office Administrator. 

Greg has commendations from the public, as well as police chiefs for exemplary work. He was trained as a police officer at the Ontario Police College in Aylmer, Ontario. That's the same Police Academy the officer who charged you was trained.


TRAFFIC STOP® has been helping drivers charged by the police since 1999. Click on Contact us to get ahold of us by phone, text or email or click this online consultation form for a Free no obligation quote on your charge(s).


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