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GOT A TICKET? SEE US!®  We're a 25 year old, industry leading Traffic Ticket Defence Firm. We've won the Consumer Choice Award every year since it started in our region back in 2017. That Award is the highest business award in Canada. That should instill confidence in you to call TRAFFIC STOP® first for a free consultation.


Get an Ex Cambridge O.P.P. Traffic Cop on your side today.


Team TRAFFIC STOP® is going completely virtual effective June 01, 2024. We will continue to be available by phone, email, text, facetime or zoom. There will be no disruption to your ongoing or upcoming case. Please be assured that Team TRAFFIC STOP® will handle your case with the same exceptional care and attention that we have provided for the past 25 years. 


Use our online consultation form to submit your traffic ticket details. We will get back to you usually within minutes by email and or text. Our customers are our number one priority.


Our Service Area is Province Wide!

Now that all courts in Ontario are hybrid since the Global Pandemic, this firm has opted to only attend court virtually. This way we can service all of Ontario Courts daily by video and Greg represents each and every client "personally" in any court in the Province. It's a cost effective and a smarter way to do this type of business. We also learned during the Pandemic that a brick and mortar firm is no longer needed. We locked our firm doors for two years during the Global Pandemic and our sales went up. That doesn't make sense when you think about it, but the whole world has learned how to do just about everything they want virtually. Out of 100 clients one or two will walk in our door. The rest of our awesome clients simply hire us virtually by phone, text, email or video; so we also made the switch to a virtual only office effective June 01, 2024. Our customers love the ease of not having to drive to our firm, hassles of traffic, time off work, gas prices, time needed for in person etc. This is how TRAFFIC STOP®  has evolved into the modern world, and it's made us more efficient. 


Want to Face Time or Skype With Greg Eschweiler? It's Another Convenient Way To Consult With Us For Free

Please email a time that is best for you to use either streaming method. We will then confirm the meeting.


Face Time Greg at:

Skype Greg at:


Contact Us


Now Virtual only. Phone, email, text or facetime. 



Toll Free 1-877-966-6656





Business Hours

Monday – Thursday: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Friday 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM


As of June 01, 2024 available virtually only just about around the clock. Any calls or texts after 7 p.m. will be replied to the next day whether it's a weekend or weekday.

Always available online after hours.

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