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Got a Trucking Charge? C.V.O.R. Charges in Ontario

Truck drivers who get charged by the Police or M.T.O. will then have to deal with Commercial Vehicle Operators Registration points (C.V.O.R. as more commonly referred to). These C.V.O.R. points go against the company the driver is working for. If you’re an owner/operator they go against your company.


They work on a sliding scale, the more trucks on the road the more lenience is given. The idea is to keep the C.V.O.R. points as low as possible for M.T.O. inspection reasons as well as insurance reasons. We have been saving Trucking Companies untold C.V.O.R. points for 21 years. If you need our help please “call the experts” at TRAFFIC STOP®

Visit the M.T.O. web site for more detailed information by clicking on this link.

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