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New York State police

Got a U.S.A. Traffic Ticket in a Border State?

Get a Traffic Ticket in any Ontario/U.S.A. Border State? We have been successfully fighting them for 21 years. We can almost always get rid of the demerit points in those Border States. Ontario drivers convicted in these 3 U.S.A. Border States: Minnesota, Michigan, and New York will have the demerit points and conviction come onto their Ontario drivers abstract. Yes, you read that correctly, as these Border States & Ontario have a reciprocal agreement to transfer traffic ticket convictions and demerit points from the U.S.A. onto your Ontario Driver’s Licence. Many people don’t know this fact until it’s too late, and their insurance rates sky rocket. It goes both ways, U.S.A. drivers caught in Ontario suffer the same consequences. Call the experts at TRAFFIC STOP® to assist you.

Free Consultations | New York State Traffic Tickets will show up on your Ontario Driver’s Licence
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