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Read Testimonials from Clients of TRAFFIC STOP® in Ontario

Hi Greg & Tina,
I just wanted to take this moment and say “Wow.” I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such exceptional experience from any other company. The professionalism and how quickly you guys respond back and provide updates was amazing. My goal was to remove my demerit points and have my fine reduced and you guys did just that. I did receive the notice in the mail and I will be paying it well before the due date. Thank you so much for the awesome job and in providing legendary service! Truly amazing!


Pleased with my Results
Dear Tina and Greg;
Thank you very much for your help. I am pleased with the results of your work and I will definitely recommend TRAFFIC STOP.

Take care,


Highly Recommend Your Company
Hi Greg,
Thank you for the results email... I am so grateful to you for working on my behalf... I really appreciate that you were able to get the charge and demerit points reduced - you might actually have heard my loud sigh of relief this morning when I read your reporting letter email :)...

Although we have never met, I am very happy with the service and support you and Tina provide... I support your rating of best services and I will highly recommend your company to others if and when needed.
Thank you again and have a nice week.

Best Wishes,

Others Didn’t do the Justice You Have
Good afternoon,
I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful job in having my points removed and the fine reduced considerably. I’ve used another company before to fight another speeding ticket I had, and they didn’t do the justice you have for me today. I would highly recommend Traffic Stop to people who are looking for a good paralegal to fight their tickets!!! You guys are amazing!!

Once again,thank you and GREAT JOB!


Highly Professional
Thank you so much Greg and Tina for a professional job! You were both highly professional, and pleasant to deal with throughout the whole process for my Mississauga court Hand Held Trial! You beat it for me at trial as that cop was wrong and you proved it. You’re a true award winner!

Nothing but the truth!


Pleased with the Results
Hi Tina & Greg,
Thank you very much, We are pleased with the results of Sean’s case. We appreciate your expertise in getting it reduced to a minor offence with no suspension. It’s a big relief, thanks again!

Paul & Sean

Serve the Community
Thanks for this, Tina & Greg! It feels very good to have this all behind me now,
ten months after the incident! I've learned a lot and hope to never be in this, 
or a worse situation in the future. Thanks to both of you for your help,
support and expertise. Best wishes to you both, as you continue to serve our


Very Good News 

Hi Tina, Thank you, very much! Especially to Greg, for taking the choke hold on my neck for a very long time. I just came back from outside the country, and this is really very good news.

Thank You, again and more power to TRAFFIC STOP!


Professional from Start to Finish

Greg and Tina were very professional in handling my case from beginning to end. They kept me informed, guided me through the process, and a very successful resolution in the end, with no impact on my driving record. I would definitely recommend this company for any traffic infringements.


My Insurance Premiums Went Down

Hi Greg,

Many thanks for getting my careless driving charge reduced to almost nothing. The little fine I ended up paying was a small fraction of what it could have been. The best part was that my insurance premiums went down this year by more than 20 percent after you successfully defended me. You looked after everything and I would definitely use your services again.

Many thanks,

E. P.

Relieved and Thankful

Good Afternoon Tina:

Thank you very much for sending this letter so promptly. I am VERY pleased with the outcome. This is a great relief to Brian and to myself.

We were both very concerned. What a relief to have Greg take care of everything for us. Having never been involved in the court system or even a charge, I was completely out of my depth.

Please give our sincerest "Thank You!" to Greg. I cannot tell you how relieved we are. Two of Brian’s witnesses are new Canadians and they were definitely willing to testify, but incredibly nervous.

They are also so relieved with the outcome.

Thank you VERY much, take great care!



Wonderful Working With You

Dear Greg,

That is great!

It was really wonderful to work with you.

I highly appreciate the results and your prompt responses. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

Thanks a lot.

Kind Regards,


Keeping Me Informed


I wish to thank you Tina for keeping me informed and getting me the information as it was given to you.

Special thanks to you Greg for taking the time to help me keep calm and re assure me about the process.

You both will get my referrals to any one that will require your services.



Best Results Possible

Greg Eschweiler of TRAFFIC STOP Paralegal Professional Corporation is a man of his word. Greg told me what he could help me with regarding a careless driving charge, and came through with the best result possible saving me money and points. Greg's ability to use his legal and policing knowledge in the court room has left me with the ability to maintain my status as a professional truck driver with all my rights and benefits intact. I would recommend anyone with traffic violations to seek out Greg's professionalism and skills to give them satisfaction and peace of mind for a very fair and just court decision.


Professional Truck Driver

Your Team is Amazing

Greg, Thank you for taking on my case. Although there is still some stress, I appreciate you taking the time to handle my case in court. I apologize for how long and drawn out this has been. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and time that you have dedicated to this case, it means a lot to me. Your team is amazing and I appreciate your updates with my case. Please thank everyone in your office for all the hard work they do, it’s greatly appreciated.


(What you can’t see is the nice box of pastries that came with this card! – Thanks for the kind words and treats KB!)

Nothing but Professional

Hello, I just wanted to write a big thank you to Greg for my traffic ticket today. I will refer anyone to your firm who needs a ticket dealt with in the future, hopefully I won't need to! Greg & Tina have been nothing but professional and very helpful to me throughout this whole process!!

Thanks again!


A Doctors prescription, “GO SEE TRAFFIC STOP!”

Tina, I wish to say that it was such a pleasure dealing with you and Greg solving my careless driving traffic violation. It was not an easy task for Greg to handle and I am most appreciative of his gift of personality, talent and experience in resolving the main issue so that my Auto Insurance would instantly become more reasonable. You both have been most professional in the handling of my difficulties. It has been a difficult period for me since the occurrence of this accident. As I told Greg, I was left with the guilt and continuous feeling of being a criminal for making a stupid medication mistake. I should have known better, since I had been taking this medication for four years prior to Oct 8. I have since taken steps to properly label and rebottle this medication.

You may be assured that many of my friends will become acquainted of your ability, skill and knowledge in resolving most traffic violations. Please pass on my congratulations to Greg, as he did a wonderful thing for my conscience and my return to sensible driving and alleviating my continuous fear while behind the wheel of my automobile... I am immensely proud and thankful of both of you.

With Best regards,

DR. S.H.

Thank You Greg for Everything You Have Done

I’m very disappointed an officer like M.R. is taking her duties far beyond her role and using it as a personal crusade. We are truly grateful for your experience as an ex O.P.P. officer and your passion in helping my son. He can now go on with his life.



Excellent Customer Service!

Thanks very much Greg and Tina for the summary letter and the fantastic results.

We received the Notice of fine and due date notice today. We will make the payment this week.

I'm really impressed with the way you handle files and keep your clients updated. Excellent customer service!!!!!

Thanks again.

B. & P. S.

Less Stress Was Appreciated

Thank you for representing me throughout the process. It was also a pleasure to meet with you in the Court last Thursday. You made it less stressful for me and I truly appreciate all your help. Special thanks to Tina for answering my questions in a very timely manner.

All the best,


Support when I Needed It

This is the best NEWS! I made the best choice choosing TRAFFIC STOP! From the first night when I had the accident until today, you have been wonderful people to deal with and to get the best support when I needed it. You were like friends that I had never met. You were there with your shoulders when I needed them to cry on! You are JUST THE BEST! My appreciation will not stop here, I will HIGHLY recommend you to anyone who needs your help! Thank you soooo much again for all your help and support! Enjoy your Holiday Season!!!!

Warm regards,


An Investment Worth Making

Dear Greg,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and Tina and your office for everything you have done for me in getting my careless driving charge reduced to a more acceptable charge. Not only did you get the charge dropped to a lesser charge but were able to get it put down on the insurance scale of minor infractions as well. Everyone I spoke to during the time frame of being charged to the court date stated it was a bogus charge including your office staff and you, and you kept saying, “Don’t worry; we will beat this thing.” Even with all of your assurances something kept saying to me, “What if they can’t beat it? I’m screwed. I have been driving for 31 years without a chargeable accident and then this happens … I get charged with careless driving 2 days after my accident.” Which of course caused many sleepless nights to say the least, but time and time again, TRAFFIC STOP kept me feeling positive and reassured me I had nothing to worry about. I thank you for that. Now I can go back to living and sleeping in a normal routine.

I have to drive for a living and you gave me my life and livelihood back. Thank you for that.

TRAFFIC STOP is not the cheapest out there, but in a matter such as this, does it really pay to go cheap and not get the results you wanted? Or pay TRAFFIC STOP their rate and have success? To me the answer is a no-brainer. Go with the best and get the best result.

Pay more and win or pay less and lose is the question to ask yourself, and I am sure you will do what I did. I chose TRAFFIC STOP and I am glad I did. I am sure you will be too.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Thank You for Your Understanding & Hard Work

Thank you so much; you guys have been unbelievably understanding and sympathetic to my situation and case. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work. I will recommend you to anyone that needs professional help. You guys are AWESOME!!


Took My Stress Away

Hello again,

I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job in fighting the 2 charges that were posted against me. I was looking at a hefty fine and point increase, but thanks to your services, I can relax and it is a huge load of stress off my back now. With you guys being able to reduce the charge to just 2 points and a small fine, I can now continue to drive without paying a fortune. Again, I cannot express my thanks enough. I am spreading the word around and I highly recommend you based on the results from my case.


R. H.

Prompt, Professional Service

Hi Greg,

Sorry this note has taken so long, but I wanted to say thank you for all you did for Brittany. It was a very stressful time for us, and you helped to relieve that. You answered my first contact promptly and professionally, and I appreciated you and Jenni taking care of all the details in an environment that was completely foreign to us. Financially, as well, your service was a blessing to us.

Again, thank you. My husband has already had the opportunity to recommend TRAFFIC STOP, and we will continue to be happy to do so.

Take care, and God bless,

Sharon, David and Brittany

Saved Me from Insurance Premium Increases

I was so worried that this ONE traffic ticket was going to ruin my otherwise great record (I was with my daughter, singing and laughing, not paying attention to the speed limit when I got zinged). But thanks to you guys at TRAFFIC STOP, you saved me and even more, saved me from future insurance premiums. I didn't have to take the time off work –nada—you did it all. You're the best and I will recommend your services to anyone. Was worth every cent (and peace of mind)! Oh, now I set my car to CRUISE. Cheers!


Got My Charge Completely Dismissed

Dear Mr. Eschweiler,

I have received your letter in which you state that Traffic Stop was successful in having my charge dismissed. Consequently I have no demerit points, owe no fine and have no record on my driver’s abstract or insurance records. I don't know how to thank you for such an attractive present. It is something that will give me pleasure for a long time to come.

Please accept my sincere thanks and best wishes.

Sincerely yours,


Highly Recommended


I want to personally thank you for assisting me in fighting my charge of failing to slow down for an emergency vehicle. I want to thank you for having it dropped completely. I highly recommend your services to others and will mention your name to others. As a token of my appreciation, I am giving your staff a gift certificate to the Charcoal Steakhouse. I know you were just doing your job; however, I appreciate what you did for me. Not many people are capable of winning and standing up for individuals’ rights. I myself really enjoy law and currently am in the process of registering for a law clerk program in London.



Your Service Quality & Professionalism Is Appreciated

Dear Greg,

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent quality of service and professionalism I have received through TRAFFIC STOP® Paralegal Professional Corporation.

I am very pleased with the outcome of my case as handled by your service. As a driver for Transport Sales and Service in Caledonia, Ontario, I can assure you that I have already begun and will continue to recommend your services to my fellow drivers and fellow employees. Once again, thank you for the high quality of professionalism you offer through your service.



You Gave Me My Life Back

Dear Greg,

Words could not express the gratitude from me and my family. This situation has had our lives in turmoil for months. I had spoken with two lawyers who wanted considerably more money and suggested a much more dismal outcome.

I knew I needed representation, I must admit I was skeptical that anyone would be able to help me. Every time I had to appear in court (before I retained your firm) the Crown made it clear that I was looking at jail time and, at least, a 1 year licence suspension. This would have ruined my life. The facts of this charge did not seem relevant to these people, and they were not concerned about my justice at all.

When TRAFFIC STOP® phoned yesterday with the court results, I was certain it was to let me know about a trial date, which again just the thought of it, the lost time and money was almost unbearable. I was absolutely stunned! I could not believe the great message.

Again sir, from the bottom of my soul, THANK YOU for giving me my life back.

P.S. For the first time since June 6, 2003, I slept very, very well.

Thanks, Greg and Ashley, thank you so very much!



Got My Careless Driving Charge Removed from My Driving Record

Good morning Mr. Eschweiler,

A very sincere thank you for your work and effort upon my behalf, in the matter of my careless driving charge. Also thank you for the prompt reporting of the results.

It is my understanding that the charges were withdrawn by the Crown and, in fact, no longer exist and are no longer on my driver's abstract.

Again, my thanks and appreciation for the best news that I have received in a long time.

Very sincerely,


Thanks for Your Competent Service

Dear Greg,

I would like to thank you for ALL you have done. It has taken a long time to get resolved, but it has and I appreciate it. You had all charges dismissed after lengthy battles in court. My husband and I appreciate the competent way you carried things out. Thank you again and I shall certainly recommend your services to anyone who needs them.



Helped Me Avoid a Conviction

Dear Traffic Stop®,

When I found myself in a bad situation (a careless driving charge) and your firm gave me a 100% guarantee I wouldn’t be convicted, well, I was a little skeptical but nevertheless I retained you. I’m glad I did! The charge was thrown out—for once someone who promised something too good to be true came through!



I Beat My Speeding Ticket with Your Assistance

To the wonderful people at TRAFFIC STOP®,

I would like to thank you for the help that you gave me on beating my speeding ticket. You were very friendly and open. Thank you too, for deferring my payments so that I could pay them over time. This was greatly appreciated since it made it easier for me to pay you for your services. I will and have recommended you to others. Thanks again for your help. Sorry about the tardiness in my thanking you; life is too busy around here. Take care of yourselves and (no offence) I hope to never see you in your office again. Maybe just for a friendly visit though.



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